Project 2: Causal Inference for Housing Prices

Project 2 is due Tuesday, 5 February, 9:29am.

For this project you will be assigned to teams of four (we will announce teams in slack). All team members should fully understand everything you submit. If there are parts you understand quickly but are new to your partners, it is your responsibility to explain them to your partners until everyone understands. If there are parts that your partners understand quickly but that are new to you, it is your responsibility to insist that your partners explain things to you until you understand them well.

To do Project 2, we continue using Jupyter. Project 2 Notebook is available at: project2.ipynb (raw download link).

Then run,

   jupyter notebook project2.ipynb

to get started. This will start the jupyter local server and open the notebook in your web browser.

The notebook contains the questions and starting code for Project 1. You will do your assignment by editing this file, and will submit your completed jupyter notebook as your assignment.

Submit your Project 2 notebook by Tuesday, 5 February, 9:29am by creating a slack group (click “Direct Messages”) containing you and your teammate and the four course staff: @Dave @Denis Nekipelov @Joe Roessler @Jonas. Submit your project to that group chat by attaching your jupyter notebook to a message (use the “+” at the left of the message entry field to attach a file).

You should include a comment at the top of the notebook that contains:

  1. The names and UVA email ids of the people submitting (you and your teammates)
  2. A note on anyone else you collaborated with and how, and external resources you used.