Project Proposals

The Project Proposals (originally scheduled to be due on Sunday, 29 March) are now due on Wednesday, 1 April (8:59pm). If you do have your proposal ready earlier, we appreciate early submissions and will prioritize giving feedback to proposals in (roughly) the order they are received.

Your project proposal should contain:

  1. Title of your project: short description that clearly captures your project idea.

  2. A short paragraph that describes the goal of your project.

  3. A project jusfication that explains for at least three of the goals above (fun, relevant, technically interesting, useful) how your project satisfies them.

  4. A project plan that explains the main tasks needed to successfully complete your project and what you will actually do.

  5. Resources you have found or your plan for finding them. For most projects, this should include a list of papers relevant to your project. For many projects, it will also include datasets and code that you plan to use.

  6. A list of your team members and their roles and responsibilities. If your team has more than two people, this should also explain how you plan to coordinate and manage your team.

You should submit your project proposal by sending a slack message to a group that includes all of your team members and all of the course staff: @Dave @Denis Nekipelov @Cam @Kyeongtak Do. (If you already have a channel set up with all of us on it, please use that.) You should submit the proposal as a PDF file attachment to the message.